Message: “No Fear! — “Though the Earth Give Way!” (Psalm 119:25-32)” from Dr. David Carey Dixon

Dr. David Carey Dixon - July 16, 2023

No Fear! — “Though the Earth Give Way!” (Psalm 119:25-32)

No Fear! — “Though the Earth Give Way!” (Psalm 119:25-32)

All of God’s Word is totally relevant in today’s society, but certain parts seem to leap off the page because of their “up-to-date” significance, like the Psalm we will explore today. We continue our probing of the Psalms, “gymnasium of the soul,” God’s therapeutic counseling sessions for His saints. This time we pick up on another selection from the Sons of Korah that reads like a news report hot off the press from the front lines, with releases about natural calamities and disasters of earth-shattering magnitutde, the collapse of kingdoms and empires, wars and rumors of wars that only a superpower from beyond this world could ever bring under control – all of which contrasts dramatically with the simultaneous description of a source of peace and security that definitely transcends this world while at the same time penetrating its deepest recesses and impacting its destiny.

Scripture References: Psalms 119:25-32

From Series: "Sunday Service"

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