Message: “How to Resist the Redefinition of Everything (Psalm 8:1-9)” from Dr. David Carey Dixon

Dr. David Carey Dixon - May 14, 2023

How to Resist the Redefinition of Everything (Psalm 8:1-9)

How to Resist the Redefinition of Everything (Psalm 8:1-9)

The Bible’s truth claims have never been disproved – challenged, yes – but the Bible has outlived all its challengers and overcome all its detractors. The question is whether today’s Christians will survive the latest onslaught of redefinitions that postmodern culture seeks to impose on humanity. In the 17th century, Deism was trying to redefine God, even as the 18th-century Enlightenment would try to redefine reason and authority. The 19th-century continued trying to redefine reality with movements such as Marxism, Darwinism, and Liberalism, and the 20th-century sought to redefine life itself in terms of science and materialism, existentialism, and nihilism. So, Christians today, in the “age of post-truth” and relativism, must be keenly aware of the culture around us and its redefinitions: sin is no longer sinful, humanity is no longer “made in God’s image,” sexuality is no longer related to biology, and Christianity is nothing more than an outdated cultural “metanarrative” that has outlived its relevance and usefulness. How do we resist the fierceness of these redefinitions crashing into our society like a tsunami?! A key aspect of the biblical worldview is to let our Creator tell us who we are (God’s anthropology), clarifying the depths of the pit humanity has fallen into through our rebellion (God’s diagnosis of our condition), and explaining what He has done to provide us a way out of the fiercest dilemma we face (the Gospel of Jesus). If we do not remain tightly anchored to God’s revealed truth (Scripture), rehearsing it and renewing our vision of it regularly, we will be dislodged from the only safe place in the world – God’s reign over our hearts and minds in Jesus.

Scripture References: Psalms 8:1-9

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