Message: “Getting our Second Wind (Acts 2:14-21) ” from Dr. David Carey Dixon

Dr. David Carey Dixon - May 28, 2023

Getting our Second Wind (Acts 2:14-21)

Getting our Second Wind (Acts 2:14-21)

Pentecost was the revival of God’s people according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which included the indwelling and empowering of the Holy Spirit, so that the Gospel would be carried to the ends of the earth, embracing all peoples, nations, tribes, and tongues. Does the Gospel still offer that kind of power to believers today? The revival of God’s people down through history has always been the work of the Holy Spirit: King Hezekiah got rid of the idols, purified the temple, and invited even the northern tribes to return to the Lord, resulting in a major revival of God’s people; a few generations later, King Josiah rediscovered God’s Word and led the people in a time of repentance and returning to the Lord; after the return from the Babylonian exile, Ezra and Nehemiah were used to help bring God’s Word to the people, resulting in revival; then several centuries later, when John the Baptist came preaching that the Kingdom had come near, another season of repentance and revival came to God’s people.

Scripture References: Acts 2:14-21

From Series: "Sunday Service"

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