Message: “Being Salt and Light in Spain (Matthew 5:13-16)” from Dr. David Carey Dixon

Dr. David Carey Dixon - June 25, 2023

Being Salt and Light in Spain (Matthew 5:13-16)

Being Salt and Light in Spain (Matthew 5:13-16)

Why did Jesus exhort His followers to be salt and light in the world? Because salt has the property of preserving and preventing decay, and light provides illumination in the dark, so both are very relevant metaphors for the roles that Christ-followers are called to play out in the world. But what if salt loses its flavor, as Jesus asked on one occasion (Mt. 5:13); and what if the light in us is darkened, as Jesus hypothesized another time (Lk. 11:34-35)? These seem to be serious possibilities that Jesus was posing, and should therefore cause us no little concern. What would it look like for Christians to be truly “salty” and to radiate light?

Scripture References: Matthew 5:13-16

From Series: "Sunday Service"

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