Dr. David Carey Dixon - November 12, 2023

An Example that You Should Follow in His Steps (1 Peter 2:21-25, Romans 6:1-14)

One of the typical fears expressed regarding the step of baptism is that “I’m not worthy” or “I don’t think I can live up to the Christian life!” But these excuses actually betray a serious misunderstanding about Christ’s invitation. In the first place, He said very specifically that those who are well don’t need a doctor – He didn’t come for them, but for those who are ill, because He didn’t come to call the righteous (those who seem to have it all together), but sinners (those who understand they’ve fallen short, messed up, can’t fix themselves) – and the call is to repentance. Baptism is such a powerful symbol of repentance: I turn away from the old life that has controlled my direction, purpose, and self-concept – I’m buried with Jesus, baptized into His death; and I embrace the new life that I’m invited to live in Christ – I’m raised up to walk in the power He offers for living according to a different set of values: the cross!

Scripture References: Romans 6:1-14, 1 Peter 2:21-25

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