Adult Sunday School

“It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

Matthew 4:4 (ESV)


The Adult Sunday School offers a wonderful opportunity to study the Word of God in an informal small group atmosphere where all participants can share their views, thoughts and questions as they journey through the Scriptures in a systematic way.  As we all know, God uses His Word to conform us to the image of his Son by renewing our minds, strengthening our faith and transforming our lives. So if you wish to grown more, know more and be strengthened in your Christian life, please come and join us.

11:30 PM – Bible study for men and women. This group is led by Ruben Borras.  Ruben is from Spain and is a medical doctor here in Madrid. He and his wife have been committed members of IBC for many years.  The group systematically studies different books of the Bible. It meets in the room on the right in the basement floor of the new building.

11:30 PM – Women’s Bible Study. This group is led by Julia Justice. Julia is originally from the United States but has been living here in Spain with her husband for many years. During her years with IBC she has been involved in various ministries with her strongest focus being on prayer. This group of women seeks to understand and apply scripture to their daily lives as God conforms them to the image of Jesus Christ. The group meets in the room on the left in the basement of the new building.


“As a Sunday School Class, we are committed to growing in our faith as we study the Bible, and to developing our relationships with each other and with our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Ruben Borras, Sunday School Teacher