what are people saying about IBC?

Testimony 1
“Diversified group of people with a common goal to worship Christ. The children’s programs are excellent as well as Vacation Bible School. The Marriage Course spot on as well.”
Testimony 2
“Strong Gospel/Biblically-based preaching; multicultural perspective; a congregation with humble and servant hearts.”
Testimony 3
“I love that the Scriptures are the first authority, the well planned way that all is done, the effort seen in all workers in the church.”
Testimony 4
“it is a family that comes from all over the world, that unifies and nurtures from the differences of those in it through the work of Christ.”


1 What time are your Sunday church services?

Feel free to join us at either the 10:00 AM or the 12:30 PM worship service. Both services are the same, with each lasting a little less than an hour and a half.

2 Where is the church and how do I get there?

The church is located at Calle Hernandez de Tejada 4, 28027, Madrid, Spain. Click here for More Information.

3 Is your church only in English?

Our worship services and the majority of our events are in English, but we have smaller groups that meet and carry out their activities in different languages, such as in Ahmaric, Tagalog, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We do not have simultaneous translation but English classes are offered periodically.

4 What should I expect if I attend a church service?

By God’s grace, our desire is that you will encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in deed. If you choose to attend one of our Sunday church services you will be one of over 500 people who attend each Sunday. There will be people of all ages, all socio-economic classes and from over 40 countries. When you arrive ushers will greet you and give you a program of the morning’s events so you can easily understand and follow the order of the church service. There are usually many families with children as well as many singles and young adults, too. A nursery is also available for children from 0-2 and all children are dismissed part way through the church service so they can go to their age graded Bible classes. The church service normally includes music, singing, prayer, scripture reading and practical Bible teaching to edify those in the faith and to introduce non-believers to the gospel of Jesus Christ. After the church service, there is a time of fellowship over coffee and refreshments, where congregants meet with one another to begin and/or continue meaningful Christ-centered relationships. Transportation is convenient and parking is available.

5 Is there a dress code?

In a word, no, though we do suggest that attendees dress modestly and simply in a spirit of godly reverence. Our desire is that Christ would be our focus and that individuals would not seek to bring attention to themselves. On Sundays, therefore, you will find a range of attire. Some might wear jeans while many will dress business casual. This will include slacks, shirts, dresses, sports coats. We are neither too formal or too informal, just comfortably in the middle.

6 How can I meet others and get connected?

There are various ways to meet others and get connected. Many have become connected to the church just by attending events that seem to apply to them. It could be the Sunday church service, a small group Bible study, a men’s prayer breakfast, a women’s Bible study, joining a ministry team or becoming friends with those in the church who live in your part of Madrid. The church is organized into zones. This ministry helps many connect more quickly with those who live in their areas.

7 What is available for my children and teenagers?

IBC offers Sunday Bible classes for children of all ages. There is also childcare at many of the church events plus a summer Vacation Bible School (VBS) that has over 150 children in attendance each year. During the school year, the youth (ages 13 – 18) meet every other Friday night for a time of fellowship, worship and Bible study. Also, during the year there is a youth retreat, a youth Christmas banquet and a youth discipleship weekend. The young people at our church are also greatly involved in the music program.

8 Why do people go to church?

God never meant us to live our Christian lives alone. It is through relationships that God teaches us how to love, serve and be refined into the people that He wants us to be. God wants His children to come together to hear His Word preached, to draw near to Him in prayer, to joyfully worship His Name, to rejoice in His goodness towards us, and to be mutually built up by our faith in Jesus Christ. The church is not a building, it is a group of people. It is God’s people gathered together for His glory, to love Him and one another in Christ so that He may accomplish all His wonderful purposes in our lives. Come and join us and see for yourself.

9 What does Baptist mean?

Baptists are characterized by their belief in the authority of scripture (the Bible) over one’s every day life. Baptists are committed to sharing the teachings and salvation found in Jesus Christ. Baptists encourage believers in Christ to read the Bible and pray on a regular basis so that they can personally grow to know Christ and His will for their lives. Baptist are most known for their belief that baptism is reserved for those who have turned from their sin and believed in Jesus Christ. Because of this baptism is not something that is done for an infant, but can only be done by one who has the understanding and the will to surrender his or her life to follow Jesus Christ. There are various Christian movements that God is using in our world at this time. Baptists celebrate these workings of Christ and join with others as God leads.

10 Do I have to be Baptist to attend?

No, you don’t have to be Baptist to attend. Many people attend our church because it is in English. They may be from different Christian traditions or they may not yet be followers of Christ. We welcome you to come, meet the people, hear the Bible taught, join us in worship, and allow God to work in your life as He wills. We would love to have you visit.

11 Do you have any more questions?


If you have any more questions, please continue looking through our website or feel free to write to info@ibcmadrid.com  We would be happy to answer your questions or concerns. Peace be unto you and yours in Christ Jesus.


Below you will find a list of many of the songs that we use during worship at our church.